Last Honest Look

“I’m sorta self-absorbed in that I filter all the emotions from my past relationships into those songs and lyrics. I’ve never really written a song for anybody before, but I wrote that for my dad; my step dad and my mom had been together for 15 years and they broke up when we graduated high school and they’ve been apart for five years or whatever. And just the way they still talk about each other, not even necessarily like I think they wanna be together - most times it’s not even positive - there’s just something about losing 15 years of somebody’s company. There’s music [they used to listen to] from that time from when I was a kid, and one night I was on the phone talking to him and he was listening to a song that I remember listening to on the way to Vancouver on a family vacation, and I just thought, god, to lose something that big and then still be listening to that music - because you know music can really drag you back - and I was so distracted the whole time on the phone. I was like, why is he listening to that? That is so depressing! And I wrote that song right away.” — Tegan on “I Won’t Be Left”
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“I remember being in New York and we were in Time Out magazine, on the cover of the entertainment section, There was some mention of our sexuality and one of the guys from the ( record ) company was really irritated. He was like ‘We want to break you into a different market. We want to show that you’re not just a band that would appeal to those people.’ And I was like ‘Don’t talk about it like it’s so bad. Don’t forget I’m one of those people you’re talking about.’ I know how I was born and I know that I have no choice. I know it may not show on the color of my skin, but I know it’s in my heart and in my soul.” — Sara Quin (via quinsource)


I’ll smile if I want to


Bleachers “Wake Me

I can’t believe I captured your heart




“She burned too bright for this world.” 

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Mug shot


Taken on the Eve of the Juno Awards. Film shot courtesy of @storeyelementary