Last Honest Look

download links for demos/unreleased songs that cannot be found on itunes by tegan and sara (for anon)

falling asleep (x)

here i am (x)

video vocals only (x)

when i get up/i’ve got you (x)

prodigy (x)

has passed (x)

hello (x)

you wouldn’t like me (live) (x)

your love (x)

your game (x)

star money (x)

it was midnight (x)

sheets (x)

empty in between (x)

missing you (x)

infamous (x)

morning comes (x)

don’t go looking for me (x)

feel it in my bones acoustic (x)

buried alive (x)

give chase (x)

proud (orange demo tape) (x)

come on kids (x)

they’re waiting for you (plunk song) (x)

lately (x)

trouble (x)

one month (x)

goodbye (x)

two stories (soundcheck 2008) (x)

even when i’m distant (soundcheck 2008) (x)

emaculation (x)

beauty (x)

plunk song (x)

this is everything (orange demo tape) (x)

morining comes (x)

goodbye live (x)

city girl (sara live acoustic) (x)

trouble (live) (x)

i’ve got you/when i get up (live 2008-04-21) (x)

proud (orange demo tape) (x)

just me (yellow demo tape) (x)

superstar (red demo tape) (x)

painting songs/days and days (red demo tape) (x)

heavy (red demo tape) (x)

celebration (red demo tape) (x)

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